Uttara Bank Real Viva 1

  • Candidate  May I come in, sir?
  • Examiner Yes, come in. Sit down please.
  • Candidate  Thank you sir.
  • Examiner You are Joy Ria Islam?
  • Candidate  Yes sir. Tell something about you that you did not include in your CV. My father is a retired govt. officer and mother is a housewife. I’ve two brothers & 3 sisters. All of them are studying.
  • Examiner What’s your favourite colour? White. Why white?
  • Candidate  There are lots of colours & you are wearing green colour dress. Actually, I think white is symbol of peace.
  • Examiner Do you have any relative in this bank?  
  • Examiner What type of relative?
  • Candidate  Uncle, Maternal uncle.
  • Examiner Blood related?
  • Candidate  No, he is my sister in law’s uncle.  স্যার, উনি হচ্ছেন আমার ভাবীর মামা ।
  • Examiner Ok, thank you, Joy Ria Islam. Tell me what is the meaning of your name?
  • Candidate  Joy Ria Islam means ‘little girl of Islam.’
  • Examiner Oh! you are the little girl of Islam?
  • Candidate  Yes sir.
  • Examiner Nice name for a nice girl. Did you complete your BBA & MBA from the marketing department of RU?
  • Candidate  Yes sir.
  • Examiner Ok, tell me what’s are the instruments to sell a product or service.
  • Candidate  There are lots of instruments like advertising, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing etc. Economics of FC IG tashco 15168? I will try my best.
  • Examiner Tell me, what is the latest condition of the world economy?
  • Candidate  The world economic condition is going now on the threat. For the declining fuel price some countries economic condition is in hot water declining growth rate of china’s economy and instability in the middle east can also tremendously affect the world economy. 
  • Examiner Tell me now about Bangladesh current economy condition.
  • Candidate  Bangladesh economy is growing up day by day. In last fiscal year, 2016-17 Bangladesh GDP size was Tk. 19,56,056 crore. GDP growth rate was 7.24%. The contribution of agriculture, industry and service sector in GDP was respectively 14.79%, 32.48% and 52.73%. International trade volume was more than $70 billion (M-30, X-40)
  • Examiner Ok, thank you.
  • Candidate  Thank you, sir. 
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