Rupali Bank Limited Real Viva 3


  • Candidate May I come in, Sir?
  • Examiner Yes, come in. Please take your sit.
  • Candidate Thank you, Sir.
  • Examiner What’s your name and introduce yourself?
  • Candidate I am Sumona. I’ve completed my Graduation and Post Graduation from Rajshahi University in English. My home district is Pabna. Now I’m living in Dhaka.
  • Examiner Have you any experience in Banking Sector? Or, what do you know about this sector?
  • Candidate Banking Sector is one of the fundamental sectors in Bangladesh. It contributes a lot in the development of the economy of this country. It collects deposits and gives loans which is very important for the development of the economy of the common people.
  • Examiner Say something about this bank.
  • Candidate Former name of Rupali Bank Ltd. were Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd.. This bank was established by the Nationalization Order 1972 by the honorable president then. Now it is one of the most famous and potential bank of the country.
  • Examiner How many branches this bank operates? 517 (At the end of March 2018 it has 563 branches) Why do you want to come in this Bank?
  • Candidate This bank is one of the largest bank in Bangladesh. It has huge potentiality. It’s condition is good in this sector.
  • Examiner Is this your first job or Have you faced any other interview?
  • Candidate No, Sir. I’ve completed my MA a few months ago and now I’m preparing myself for the examination.
  • Examiner Say something about your subject.
  • Candidate I’va completed graduation & post-graduation in English. I’ve known many branches of English literature basically the prose and poetry of the old time. I’ve also known aspects of modern English literature of linguistics.
  • Examiner Ok, Thank you.
  • Candidate Thank you, Sir.
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