NCC Bank Limited Real Viva 3

  • Examiner-1 Yes come in & take your seat. How are you?
  • Candidate I am fine. Thank you sir.
  • Examiner-2 Introduce yourself in briefly.
  • Candidate I am Md. Mehedi Hasan. I completed graduation and post graduation in Economics from R.U. Now I want to build up my career at banking sector. I am honest, hard worker.
  • Examiner-4 You are student of Economics now define GDP & GNP.
  • Candidate The sum of total monetary value of final goods and services produced in an economy over a certain period of time (specially one year) is called Gross Domestic Product (GDP). On the other hand Gross National product (GNP) is GDP plus income of residents from investment made abroad minus income earned by foreigners in domestic market.
  • Examiner-3 What is fiscal policy? What are the tools of this policy?
  • Candidate It is government spending policies that influence macro economic conditions. These polices affect tax rate, interest rate and govt. spending in an effort to control the economy. The tools of fiscal policy are i. Govt. expenditure/subsidy. Tax Rate
  • Examiner-2 What’s consumer surplus and producer surplus?
  • Candidate Consumer surplus is the difference between what a person would be willing to pay and what he actually has to pay to buy a certain amount of goods and services. Producer surplus is the difference between the total amount that producer receive for all units sold of product and the variable cost of producing the product.
  • ExaminerWhat is sunk cost? Costs that can not be recovered (not possible transferring asset to other uses] What is treasury bills?
  • Candidate It is a short term securities issued by a central bank on behalf of government. It is highly secured mode of investment.
  • ExaminerWho is the president of World Bank? From which country?
  • Candidate Jim Young Kim from USA.
  • ExaminerHow many sub-organization of World Bank?
  • Candidate There one 5 sub-organization of World Bank Such as a. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) b. Internatonal Development Association (IDA). c. International Finance Corporation (IFC) d. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) e. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MGA).
  • ExaminerVery good all the best. You may go now.
  • Candidate Thank you all sir.
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