Basic Bank Real Viva 1

Candidate May I come in, sir?

Examiner Yes, sit down.

1st Examiner Tell me some renowned economists of our country.

Candidate 1) Dr. Atiur Rahman

2) Dr. Muhammod Yunus

3) Dr. Saleh Uddin Ahmed.

1st Examiner What is Marginal benefit?

Candidate The additional benefit associates with the production of one more unit of something. For example, the societal benefit associated with reducing air pollution by one more unit.

1st Examiner What is Monopoly?

Candidate It is an industrial structure in which there is only one large firm that produces a product for which there are no closed substitute. Monopolies can set prices but are subject to market discipline.

1st Examiner What is Perfect Competition ?

Candidate It is an industrial structure in which there are many firms, eachsmall relative to the industry, producing virtually identical products and in which no firm is large enough to have any control over prices. In perfectly competitive industry, new competitors can freely enter into the market.

Examiner What is direct deposit?

Candidate Direct deposit is a banking term of direct credit that describes a deposit of money straight from the source into a bank account, by electronic funds transfer, or other means where the payment is initiated by the payer not the payee. The money is transferred directly to the recipient bank through a payment system.

Examiner What is Payment Order?

Candidate Payment Order is an international banking term that refers to a directive to a bank or other financial institution from a bank account holder instructing the bank to make a payment or series of payments to a third party. It can be defined as, “Instructions to transfer funds sent via paper and/or electronic means”.

Examiner : What is Automated Clearing House? Candidate A computer-based clearing and settlement facility established to process the exchange of electronic transactions between participating depository institutions. Such electronic transactions take the place of paper checks.

Examiner : What is Down Payment? I undidate An initial, partial payment made at the time of purchase to permit the buyer to take delivery of the purchase. A partial payment made for the evidence of good faith that the buyer will complete the purchase transaction at the time the contract is signed.

Examiner : Which financial institution performs the function of Clearing House?

candidate Bangladesh Bank performs the function of a clearinghouse. Sonali Bank also performs the function of a clearinghouse on behalf of Bangladesh Bank i.e. in case there is no branch of Bangladesh Bank.

Examiner : What is stop payment order?

candidate An order by a customer instructing a financial institution to refuse payment when presented with a specific draft or cheque written by the customer. Stop payment orders cannot be performed on Cheque Card transactions.

The Examiner You may go now.

candidate Thank you sir. Assalamualaikum.

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